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Barn South1a.jpg (82185 bytes) BarnNorth11a.jpg (70982 bytes) BarnNorth21a.jpg (102570 bytes)
The south face of the barn before any restoration work The north face of the barn, showing the collapsed roof timbers The north face again, showing what is now the north porch and sleeping area
NewBarnNorth11a.jpg (69333 bytes) NewBarnNorth21a.jpg (61382 bytes) NewBarnSouth1a.jpg (69095 bytes)
North side of barn after preliminary restoration work by Guildford Borough Council Another view of the northern side showing in particular the roof renovation View of the barn from the churchyard opposite
101_0149.jpg (76529 bytes) 101_0140.jpg (78143 bytes) 102_0246.jpg (81482 bytes)
May 2003: The southern frontage of the barn from the village street May 2003: The north side of the barn prior to final conversion work A timeless picture of Puttenham parish church, opposite the barn